We dreamed about a new experience, right here, around the corner.

A place designed for people to gather, discover and share something radically different.

Help us making our dream come true.
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You can help us.

The Covid-19 crisis happens to be a real challenge for all of us in the business of entertaining and trying to make people enjoy themselves

To try to keep our heads above water, we decided to open our very own online-shop.

You will find a large range of items for you and your loved ones, and give us the opportunity to complete our project. 

See you around (the corner).

The Altitude Tote Bag


A stylish way to carry all your belonging and to help us.

The Altitude Vinyl Mat ♥


A smooth branded addition for your turntable(s)

The Altitude T-Shirt


Dark and elegant you don’t want to miss this unique piece of clothing.

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