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Audiophile Bar

From London to Tokyo, audiophile bars flourished around the world, and Brussels had none yet. So, we decided to create our own. From the acoustic configuration of the room to the customized vintage sound system, everything has been thought to offer a unique listening experience.

We wanted to create an environment where you will be able to take time to simply listen, offering you the possibility to remind you the overwhelming feeling of musical discovery.

Every month we will have listening sessions, Guest diggers sessions, live music, …

The place

Far from the crowded streets of Brussels’ historical center or the overhyped places of Ixelles, we wanted to embed our concept in a neighborhood where the building façades synthesize Brussel’s aesthetic. Surrounded by parks and composed of very diverse houses, l’Altitude 100 became an evidence to us.

A few steps away from the emblematic Altitude 100 Church, we designed our project as a tribute to the Art-Deco movement. Marble, curves, and carefully selected furniture’s make our place a timeless space. On the outside this old bank located at the corner of Avenue Molière will welcome you with a sunny terrace and his two-way mirror glasses inherited from his past. 

Food & Wine

We care as much about food as we do about music.

Sharing is the spirit.

Our chef will surprise you each month with a new combination of dishes to share. And if you are starving, our daily lunch and dinner will be there, waiting for you.

Do not miss our week-end brunch, it would be a sin.

Thirsty? You are in the right place to make your choice amongst a large selection of the finest wines you can find in Brussels.

You’re not a wine fan? Have a refreshing cocktail, a Belgian brewed beer or a homemade soft drink. 

Need some advice? Just ask for help. Someone will take care of you in no time.

Our Values

The world is changing and it is up to us to change with it.

It was unthinkable for us to conceive of a new space without taking a stand in the face of the upheavals that our societies are facing. This is why L’Altitude is committed to values of inclusion and respect for multiple identities. The space has been designed as a place of welcome for all. A ‘safe space’, where everyone has a place and where we are committed to defending it.

Issues of racial and gender identity

L’altitude strongly condemns any act, behaviour or words that discriminate or hurt people from so-called minorities, and also undertakes to ensure that its team is aware of this issue and ready to intervene in the event of incidents.


Who we are

Coming with different backgrounds but driven by our passion for records, design and wine, we went all in on this project. Every detail has been thought and heavily debated (trust me).

But our place will tell more about who we are than words!

Contact Us

2, Avenue Molière
1190 Forest

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We can help you.
You can help us.

The Covid-19 crisis happens to be a real challenge for all of us in the business of entertaining and trying to make people enjoy themselves

To try to keep our heads above water, we decided to open our very own online-shop.

You will find a large range of items for you and your loved ones, and give us the opportunity to complete our project. 

See you around (the corner).

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